Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Same, good ol’ plate of Chow Meinminus the animal protein.

25 AED

Stir-Fry Canton Noodles

Noodles tossed in a wok and stir-fried to perfection together with chicken, shrimp, and crisp vegetables in our special Cantonese sauce, our world-famous Chow Mein is the perfect choice for every meal.

26 AED

Stir-Fry Bihon Noodles

Using thin rice noodles instead of the usual yellow noodles used in Chow Mein, our Fried Bee Hoon is the perfect alternative for those who love something new.

26 AED

Chicken Hakka Noodles

The no-fuss, always-hit-the-mark stir-fried chicken noodles made for those who want something quick with a burst of flavor.

27 AED